Oral And Teeth Care

Oral and dental health problems, and aesthetic problems caused by teeth can seriously affect people’s lives. Oral and dental health problems can also have an impact on public health. Sometimes, for reasons such as tooth decay that affects deep dental tissue, sometimes trauma damages pulp tissue, which is the deepest tissue of the teeth and contains nerves and vascular packs. If the teeth cannot maintain their vitality for any reason, the nerve tissue in the center of the tooth, i.e. pulp, should be cleaned. This treatment is called alpine therapy, i.e. root canal treatment. Dentists are called dental root specialists.

Gum disease:
When it comes to oral health, gums are just as important as teeth. Cases where gum health sometimes deteriorates include minor bleeding of the gums but sometimes can cause serious problems that can amount to tooth loss. A dental branch that includes the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease includes dentistry, and dentists specializing in the field are called gum pathologists.

Orthodontics: It is the branch that treats compatibility between the bones of the lower and upper jaw and all teeth that are not properly coordinated on these bones.

Oral And Tooth  Surgery

Oral, dental, facial and maxillofacial surgery: a branch of dentistry in which soft or solid tissue diseases such as cheek, palate, tongue and lips are treated. Oral, dental, facial, and maxillofacial surgery. Deals with the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases such as tooth extraction, damaged teeth, cysts in the jaw and surrounding tissues, jaw tumors and treatment, compensatory surgery, jaw and facial pain, temporal joint disorders, salivary glands.

Dental implants: In the past, only compensatory methods were used to get rid of dental defects. However, prosthetics designed to eliminate tooth failures have caused deficiencies such as reducing and damaging healthy teeth and not being able to provide the necessary comfort in toothless mouths. With the advent of dental implant treatments, dental deficiencies and dental removal can be completely eliminated without these problems.


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